Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Beginner's luck

Knitpicks Simple Stripes Snapdragon
size 2.50 mm (KP size 1) dpns
cast on 72 sts for my 9" ankle
pattern - a take off of Sensational Knitted Socks 4-stitch pattern section, but ended up going straight St st.

I finished my first pair of adult socks last night! Woohoo! Well, I kitchenered it this morning after all the made knitting I was doing last night through Heroes (only dropped 2 stitches!) and the usual background noise of the news. I didn't want to take the chance of really screwing it up when I was so close to the end. And amazingly there's almost identical twins. They're maybe 1-1.5 rows off w/the self-striping and different splotches of brown from where the dye mixed here and there. Of course, that means my sock knitting karma will now be filled w/lots of pooling and other challenges.

And in the good timing department, my second half of my Little Knits Fleece Artist order and my Brooks Farm Four Play in Brown C (pics of that later) came in last night as well. I had originally wanted Woodland but she had sold out so I chose Forest, but luckily for me I got a skein marked Woodland/Forest but it looks much more like the Woodland I wanted. Sweet. And that other skein in the pic is the very pretty Wild Flower.

So while I have tons of leafy/vine-type patterns to chose from for the Woodland/Forest, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of more floral patterns unless I pic a lace pattern and go for it. Off to inundate myself w/all the free sock patterns floating around as I now go off to swatch my new sock yarns.


Emma said...

Congrats on finisheing your socks! They're so cute. I just started a pair in Fleece Artist, and I LOVE it! Awesome sock yarn.

Kel said...

Yay! They look great! Now you need a pair for every day of the week! And sock yarn stash soooooo doesn't count: You are right about that!