Monday, October 02, 2006


To avoid the second sock syndrome, I cast on my second KP Simple Stripes sock immediately and am madly knitting away, and not just 'cause of Socktoberfest. I only have one set of size 1 dpns currently (need to place another KP order!) and am also itching to swatch up all my new sock yarn brands to figure out what my next sock pattern will be. I had knit up a swatch in KP Dancing on size 0's and got a whopping 10 sts/in! If I want to knit monkey1 a pair of socks in Dancing, I'd have to cast on 72 sts! So it's a no go there. Will need to swatch up Dancing on size 2's (the KP 3.00 mm variety) and see if I can get closer to the 8 st/in range.

I'm also continuing my Kyoto sweater w/my second sleeve and in a moment of knitters AADD, the collar trim on the body. One of these days I'll be done w/this project, but not before my second sock is done. ;)

And speaking of knitters AADD of the sock variety, I started the todder sock from Rainbow Knits for Kids called something like His, Hers, Ours, and Theirs. The pattern calls for Cherry Tree Hill (CTH) Supersport yarn on size 5 needles w/a gauge of 6 sts/in! Since the size 2T-3T instructions call for casting on 40 sts, I figured by the time I knit a gauge swatch I might as well knit the sock itself. And if it's a little big, I figure monkey1 can grow into it. Heh. And to test how much growing room I had, I had monkey2 (grudgingly in toddler of terror style) model the sock in progress w/a lot of help from monkey1.

Clearly we have a lot of growing room. And to figure out how much room, I had a more cooperative monkey2 try on the sock. Heh. So it looks like the "toddler" socks w/a 2" twisted cable cuff/leg will now be socks in the 5-7 yr child range. Since the pattern suggests a 5"(!!!!) leg for the 2T-3T size, I should have enough yarn in the half hank to make the foot part long enough to fit monkey1. Besides, the Winterberry colorway looks better w/monkey1's skintone.

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