Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kew socks

It's amazing how quick a project goes when it's the only one on the needles! No footies modelled shots this morning as I had touched up my toenail polish. So I put them on some d-i-y sock blockers and took an outdoor shot. Too bad it was a tad too early in the morning.

Pattern - Kew by Polly Outhwaite in knitty.com
Yarn - Socks that Rock Nodding Violet
Notes - foot portion took 1.5 pattern repeats (rows 1-24, then 1-12) before doing the toe decreases


tapmouse said...

Yay! They're done! I'm still on the heel flap of my first. Somehow, I think I may have gotten the benefits of our mini-KAL, since I've been able to glean much info and advise from you and I don't think I've given you any! But hey-you get to see the pattern done in a different colorway!-lol!

Yarnista said...

Thank your for your comment on my handbag, it just got mailed yesterday. Does "stila" holic, mean you like Stila cosmetics? Anthony Edwards and his wife live one house away from us here in Ct. I've never tried her make up before.

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Yes, the "Stila" is in reference to the makeup line Jeanine Lobell started, though I believe she's no longer involved, especially after Estee Lauder sold it off to another corporation.

alltangledup said...

they're beautiful in that yarn... I can see a str purchase in the near future