Monday, November 13, 2006

small Dublin Bay socks

Who knew that taking pictures of socks on someone else could be that much harder than taking them on oneself? Well, we were rushing and monkey1 really wanted to wear her socks to school today.

Pattern - Dublin Bay socks
Yarn - squeaked by w/only 1 skein of Claudia Hand Painted 100% fingering yarn (50 g/175 yd) in Carousel
size 1 (2.25 mm) Susan Bates sock set dpn's
Cast on 56 sts
gauge 8 sts/in
foot size - 7" circumference, 7.5" long
other details - 1" cuff + 2" leg

Thoughts - Monkey1 wore the first sock all over the place Sat while I was still knitting the second sock and it's pilling in the heel area already and I made these socks snug, being a tight knitter and all . I suppose I could knit the next Claudia Handpaint socks on 0's, but I'll have to be in the mood. Monkey1's next socks will be on 2 skeins of whatever yarn I pick ('cept STR 'cause they've got nice yardage). (Or if there's only 1 skein for monkey1's socks, I'll just make them w/little 1-1.5" anklets.) There is absolutely no growing room in this pair of socks. Plus I caused myself a lot of undue stress and the end of sock 2 praying I had enough.

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Kel said...

You are so sock-obsessed right now! It's so cool! I like these, printed out the pattern in hopes of one day getting to them. I like the lace ladder up the side: pretty!