Monday, December 04, 2006

Home in the Islands in the middle of the sea

where the only good Hurricane is the STR kind. (Broadripple socks pattern by Rob Matyska in

Can you tell how much knitting I got done in 2 weeks? Obviously not much, though I did turn the heel on monkey2's Infant Fancy Silk Sock (Nancy Bush Vintage Socks) in Lorna's Laces Somerset. Pic of that later after I unpack and slog through all my work and personal e-mails.

Oh, and the Grand Wailea Spa is 2die4! OMG. Totally extravagant but what the heck! It's not like I go spa-ing all the time. Besides, I hit my "40 is the new 30"th birthday. Hence the trip back home to visit the family and to spend way too much money on Maui.


Kel said...

Aloha and Happy Birthday! I didn't know you were here! (Well...there. I can see there from here, but wouldn't chance the Maui Channel!) Welcome home and nice socks!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I think all the channels are pretty sketchy, including the Moloka'i and Kauai channels, so I can understand.

And thanks for the b-day wishes!