Monday, April 28, 2008

Slow Camp Recovery

At least I got 90% of the laundry done (still need to hang Monkey1's remaining clothes) and some house cleaning done. Otherwise, the only thing I got done was Cat's baby Coriolis socks. Unfortunately, the garter stitch box toes are skewed and one's shifted 90 degrees of the other. Oops.

I haven't cast on for the unofficial Monkey Kaw Kaw KAL, but I did open up my skein...

...and wound it up into a yummy cake. Love this colorway. Tina had a work cut out for her when she did her Raven series and then had to come up with a crow-themed colorway for sock camp:

I also opened up my skein of Lucky from our March Rockin' Sock Club kit...

...and wound it up too. As my makeup buddies know, I have a thing for green and so this colorway is just fab. I'm excited to cast on for my Leafling socks after I took the sock camp class with JC Briar who designed the sock pattern. Her class on different cast-on's just warmed my engineering-geek soul:

But first, I'm being a good mommy and working on Monkey1's second Dublin Bay sock and working a bit more than a couple rows of my Marilinda sock that was my Scout's Indie Swag kit from last year. It's so much easier to manipulate this BFL yarn now that I have my Knit Picks Harmony dpn's. What a difference the right tools can make.


IrishGirlieKnits said...

The baby socks look so cute!! I have quite a few babies I need to start knitting for so I hope to start my homework again!

Good for you for finishing up Monkeys socks first! What a good mom! I know...recovering from camp...who knew!! I still have a cold :(

The Marilinda's look great!

Unknown said...

Kaw Kaw is so gorgeous! I wonder if it is going to end up on the website.

Tan said...

Wah Wah Wah!
I'm jealous!
I'm F5ing BMFA looking for those new colorways!

tapmouse said...

I still love the Coriolis sockies anyway! Funny, cuz my Cat baby sock was doing a funny off-set thing with the toe, too! But, as always, I'm waay behind you and haven't even finished the first sock! Heck-I never even finished the baby sock from last year's camp!

ps-I had *told* Tan I'd shop for her at camp!