Tuesday, September 01, 2009

In Season

I like having short-cuffed socks for the summer. The San Francisco fog makes for toe-chilling mornings, but the afternoon sun requires shorter cuffs.

Rockin' Sock Club July kit
pattern: In Season by Melissa Morgan-Oakes
pattern size: small, modified to 60 sts on the foot instead of 58.
yarn: STR lightweight in Garden Daze
needles: size 2.50 mm KP circs

Per Marcy's suggestion, I used MomofTwins' modification of slipping the primary cable on the In Season pattern in the cuff.

And remember these from last summer's alternate RSC pattern, the Sweet Tart socks? Now all felted & shrunk. Waah!

Monkey1 had lost them somewhere but couldn't remember where exactly. All she knew was that she didn't lose them at school. Well, our neighbor found them in her home and as is our habit in finding errant kids clothes, she washed and dried them in her machines before sending it back. The one time when having a good neighbor has its drawbacks.

Of course the replacement pair just has to be the exact same colorway and I don't have enough leftover yarn to make Monkey1 a new pair. Thankfully Hot Flash is still up on the BMFA website so I'll be ordering a new skein. Sigh.


Lindsay said...

I'm loving those Sweet tart socks! They look great in the bright pink.

dianne said...

Your In Season Socks look great! You got some really nice striping! I love the Sweet Tarts in Hot Flash. You're a good mom to make another pair :-) I bet your neighbor was crushed they didn't come out of the dryer perfect :-(

adrienne said...

hopefully, monkey #2 can wear them this winter as slipper socks?


Tan said...

Those turned out cute! And look at that perfectly synchronized striping. You should get a medal. Have a tomato.

Zonda said...

Your In-Season's came out great! Can you explain the slipping of the primary cable though (they are soon to be on my needles) Oh and if you don't want to make a BMFA order, LMK I have a skein available :)

Batty said...

Very cute socks!

So sorry about the neighbor felting incident. Too bad she couldn't be a slob for just one day.

tapmouse said...

I hadn't realized how closely the In Season socks matched up in their striping! And man, how sad about the Sweet Tart socks! I think I have a skein of Hotflash if you end up not putting in a BMFA order.