Thursday, April 26, 2007

Okay, so I'm not panicking

But first, if you're a Rockin's Sock Club member that's stumbled upon my blog and you haven't gotten your April package yet and don't want to be spoiled, do *not* scroll down. That is all.

Second, a little YPF. On top is a non-sock yarn! It's Yarn Botanika's cashmere in Pink Sand from One Planet. Yummy, yummy. One Planet gave me a free scarf pattern so that's what it'll be. :D

Bottom is Sundara's Cherry Blossom colorway in her sock yarn. Okay, so I lied to tapmouse that I wasn't going to get the Cherry Blossom, but I had a weak moment and am finally in possession of an elusive Sundara skein. So now that itch is scratched.

And why am I not panicking despite not being short-toed? A lovely knitty board knitter had some leftover Willow she offered gratis for my Twisted Flower sock so I can finish the toes for both socks ('cause I will be repeating this folly for the second sock). Now to figure out what to give her in return as thanks. I want to give her something really cute, but I'll probably go practical and useful. But in the meantime, this sock will be temporarily UFO'd...

'cause I got my Rockin' Sock Club package. Woohoo! I love this yarn. It's already been wound and am madly swatching away. I only own one 2.75 mm 24" circular needle, a Susan Bates Quicksilver which my lys stopped carrying 'cause she wasn't happy with their quality after the company started selling product at the big box stores. The Quicksilver is also a little grabby and combined w/the 81% superwash/19% silk blend of Silkie, I may end up too loose of a gauge anyway. I hope either of my KP circulars (2.50 mm size 1 or the 3.00 mm size 2) will work 'cause then I'm at a loss on where to get metal circs that 2.75 mm locally ('cause I don't want to wait for an online order). Addi's are of course out of the question 'cause they're the same size as KP's.

But oh, this yarn feels great. I would so love to get enough for a sweater, however crazy that sounds. Okay, off to finish swatching.


Cece said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment... I didn't do the cast on as recommended - I did Cat Borhdi's. The figure 8 one? It's on Knitty in a tech section somewhere - called Magic 8 cast on (I think).

Rebel said...

wow - another pink fan!! I love the cherry-blossom yarn and may have to get some even though I don't knit socks!