Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Someone tell me not to panic

'cause telling myself this isn't keeping that feeling from beginning to well up.

I haven't done any weighing or other scientific methods, but I just *know* I don't have enough. It's not like I can call Yarn in Alameda to see if she has another skein in the same dye lot 'cause she closed her business. Oh, to have the foresight to realize I would need 3 skeins for a pattern I decided to knit it into.

Logically my options are:
1) Post on the knitty swap section (and KR too?) and hope someone has a spare Louet Gems Pearl in Willow and that I'll get incredibly lucky that they have the same dye lot (80-1552-5).

2) Call Article Pract and whatever other lys in my metropolitan area that carries Louet and just buy another Willow regardless of dye lot and hope Louet is really consistent. It is a solid color afterall.

3) Knit the second skein I have all the way through in the medium size and see if 1) it fits (the lace is stretchier than I thought it'd be) and 2) I can do one sock w/one skein. If it works, then frog the first sock (sob!) and re-do it.

Oh, what to do, what to do!


Nell said...

Good luck! I wish I had some to send you. But I bet Article Pract has some.

Kel said...

I vote for starting the 2nd sock and getting at least the ankle and back of the heel done. Maybe get another dye lot or color for the toes? Then wear them with toed shoes? They are so lovely it would be a shame to frog them... Also: The foot theoretically may take less yarn because the stockinette on the sole has less milage than the cables? Good luck!