Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Swag

So I got lucky when I entered the "lottery" for the next round of Scout's Indie Swag and am in for the months of April, May and June. I got the package last night and I love the colorway. The yarn is BFL so it'll be me first time knitting w/this type of wool. This yarn will wait however since I need to swatch it and figure out what pattern it wants to be.

And here's the obligatory opened skein pic:

And since I'm on the subject of yarn clubs, not much progress on my Y4S April sock. Still like the pattern, the yarn's okay but I've decided the color is not my favorite and most decidedly not me. I'll still finish the pair because I am a masochist, but I'm carefully considering not renewing. I am definitely in one-two clubs too many.

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Knitting Bandit said...

Wow! You're so lucky! I think that Scout's Swag is the coolest sock club I've seen out there. I love the yarn!