Thursday, November 15, 2007

Seeing double

I went all pesky project manager mode on tapmouse at lunch today. Not my usual MO 'cause who likes it when a project manager is breathing down your neck (or needles in the case) to finish a task? But it was fun taking a picture of both our socks together.

Not that anyone can tell in our lovely indoor cubicle lighting, but mine pulled more red than hers. The wonders of different knitters with differing gauges on the same yarn and pattern.


BeanMama said...

Oh, the loveliness!!

I've been rushing to catch up on my club socks (I have this odd compulsion to knit the patterns in order,) and have finished up my Solstice Slips and just cast off on my Love Lace socks.

And now that I'm so close? I don't feel like knitting socks, LOL!

But Lenore will be the next pair I cast on. They're so beauuuuuutiful!

Nell said...

Nicely done you two!

tapmouse said...

But you won! The final push was not only to get the pic taken together, but to do it BEFORE this weekend! Since I had to start my weekend early, I had no choice but to finish today, huh? FINAL CERT DATE!

Tan said...

Wow, separated at birth! No, wait.

Anyway, were the yarns really the same? Because I just got my trade yarn that caused all the hubbub on the Ravelry group and it is much redder than the one I got in my kit. It has actual red bits, whereas mine was much more subtle and only hints at red.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I definately am seeing double because I just read Tapmouse's post! Great job for motivating her to finish up pretty!!!!!

And I sent her two pretty rockin' for each of you.... I'm making you two decide who gets which color (I know...I'm a wimp!). :)

Kel said...

Lenore Pas de Deux! How awesome is this photo! I'm loving this sock, and almost done myself. You guys rock with the knitting speed tho!

Batty said...

Cubicle sock comparison, how fun! I also have a knitting co-worker, and it's trouble. We enable each other.

I love the Lenore socks. They are my favorite sock club pattern this year!