Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Still procrastinating

Over the weekend, my self-imposed stress started to affect my sock knitting, so I decided to do a quick little project and knitted the Drops Alaska headband (once known as the Panta headband) in the orphan Crystal Palace Taos Painted Desert (#7) skein I bought from the Creative Accents closing sale. I initially bought the orphan skein to try yet another Calorimetry, but I'm happy that the Drops headband fits without any messing with the pattern at all.

So after I got the headband done, I re-cast on for the Rainy Day socks that are slated for a makeup board friend of mine. I first cast on using US size 4 needles not paying attention to the fact that the metric size stated in the pattern 3.25 mm is actually size 3. So of course, the sock was way too big. Thankfully the sportweight yarn (Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino in light pink) makes for a quick knit. I won't get to the second sock 'til after T-day, but at least they'll be done well in time before x-mas. This'll actually be my only x-mas knitted gift 'cause I didn't want the undue stress of knitting for others on a rigid deadline.

But the real reason for my procrastination post is that I wanted to thank Carrie for the great STR Raven lightweight mill end in what we believe is the Pallas Athena colorway. She managed to snag this skein at the BMFA Destash sale. The other possibility is Rauen, but I don't think the red in this is red enough.

It may be darker than the other Pallas Athenas around, but it's still awesome. So thank you so much!

And since I may be too busy/too tired on YPF to post, I'm showing the totally adorable XS-Firestarter kit I got from Yarnissima. I opted for the surprise kit and so I ended up w/some Opal. (I'll have to pull out her note again to get the deets on which colorway this is.) Too, too cute.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

First, how cute is that little firestarter!!

So glad you liked the yarn! Hope to see you bright and early Friday morning! I'm sure the monkeys would be up for it!!

Oh, and love the Panta style headband, and the model too :)

tapmouse said...

Hey, the Panta works! I still need to knit one up, but I guess I'd better finish the Calorimetry I have on the needles for a Christmas gift! Love the mini Firestarter kit!