Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wandering Wednesday

'cause I'm not doing just WIP's (works-in-progress), but finished objects and yarn-y goodness.

Pattern: Fetching
needles: size 6 dpns
yarn: Cascade Cash Vero in #021
Each handwarmer took approx 28 g of each 49 g skein. That should leave me enough to make Monkey1 her very own smaller pair.

Additional 5 rounds of ribbing before the thumb round. Additional cable round and 4 rounds of ribbing before binding off.
Tried the picot bind off on the first handwarmer. Hated it, tinked back and re-did a normal bind off.

My 2 active WIP's at the moment are both around the gusset section. (eta - Left is Lenore, right is my Wollmeise Rhabarber Firestarter.) I'm taking bets with myself as to which sock I'll finish first this upcoming holiday weekend. I'm sure I'll get both done, but it's a matter of which one I'll be in the mood to finish first.

I'm doing the Lenore on size 1 (2.50 mm) KP dpns in the medium size stitch count. It's pushing it for my 10" circumferenced leg. (My foot's a more reasonable 9.5" circ.) Tapmouse let me try her first sock when she had just finished the gusset and it's right on the edge of fitting fine and maybe being a bit snug. My sock is a tad looser in gauge so I may get away with not having to do the cuff on my second sock on size 2 (2.75 mm) dpns and then switch to size the 2.50 mm dpns for the foot area. I think anyone w/a foot/leg circumference greater than 10" might consider either going up a needle size or knit the larger size stitch count 'cause I'm right on the edge.

Finally, my Chameleon Colorworks custom purchase by tapmouse from Imagiknit. First up, the Twinkle Toes (merino/tencel) skein in Purple Rain. Very cute and not typically me 'cept for the purpleness.

And the crazy splurge buy of 4 skeins of the laceweight Evolution merino yarn that's been so talked about. Love this color combo. I just need to figure out which of my shawl/stole/wrap patterns to use.

Why I'm on a laceweight yarn buying kick right now is beyond me as I haven't knit a shawl/stole/wrap since my Clapotis. I did buy Allison Hyde's Wrapped in Comfort and the Leaf Lace and Flower Basket Shawl patterns awhile ago, so I guess I'm prepping myself. I just need to figure out where my shawl/stoles projects will fit on my list of things to knit.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

The fetchings came out great!!

And I say finish pretty!

Love the colors on the Chameleon Yarns!!

adrienne said...

love the yarns! i am sneaking over to your house to "borrow" them, if only i can figure out where you live!

i made several fetchings for gifts last year. i need to make a pair for me too. yours are very nice! it definitely is starting to get cold enough around here to wear them.

Tan said...

Is that Rhabarber that I see before me?

tapmouse said...

Gads, I still love that Peacock Evolution! Just wound one of my skeins of Flamingo Sunrise-like I'm reaaally gonna start a new shawl when I haven't touched the flower basket or that one I'm doing out of the Habu silk yet!

I'm guessing the Firestarter will be finished first-the feel and colors alone would keep me going on it! One thing I know for sure-you'll have both done when I see you next!

Kel said...

Mmmmmmmmm. Nice yarn! I hear you on the cast-on edge: I wasn't able to unpick and re-do the edge looser, and after 2 tries I ripped the whole ankle and did it again. Fetching fetchings!