Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Back to knitting

Will need to borrow DH's digi cam, but I've finally finished 2 lace repeats and starting the 3rd. It's amazing how much quicker it's gone when I stopped working on the BO scarf and with a little parental help w/dinner. I think switching between 2 lace patterns was confusing me and definitely slowed me down. I figure I still have 2 more months, so once I'm done w/the LBT I should still have time to finish the BO scarf.

I thought I'd have to do a 5th repeat on the lace section, but I may not have to, but am still wondering if I need to add more to the upper body St st portion.

Haven't bought any yarn recently, but when I went to Costco yesterday found that they did indeed have 4 new knitting books! Ended up getting Morehouse Merino Knits, Mason-Dixon Knitting, and Big Girl Knits specifically to have a reference book on how to do short row shaping in the bust area. They also had Inspired Cables, but I figure I'll be try a swatch or an Irish Hiking scarf first before I buy a book w/all cabled patterns in it.

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Kel said...

Hi! Do you like the Big/Knits and Morehouse books? I am tempted towards those. If you love the Mason-Dixon, there is a knit-along for that book, too.