Thursday, June 08, 2006

In the slightly annoying category

So I'm plugging along on my Lotus Blossom Tank and get to row 10 where I switch needle sizes and get to a frickin' knot! Was too tired to deal with it so put it away. Will ask on the KAL if there are other join methods for bamboo other than the usual way of joining new yarn. Gah.

So I decide to work on my BO scarf for a little bit before I got too sleepy. Not too bad though I just noticed a boo-boo in the garter edging after my second repeat of my pattern. Drat. It's too far down for me to try to fix it w/o royally screwing up the whole thing since I'm already on my 6th repeat. Still debating if it'll be unnoticeable or not.

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