Monday, June 05, 2006

Monkeys off my back

Tis fini!

Pinwheel blankie close-up:

Pinwheel blankie close-up 2:
Pattern: pinwheel blanket

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Twister Waters & Cascade 220 Periwinkle

Size 10 needles & H hook

CTH Twister portion - 36" diameter after blocking

Have I said recently I love this CTH Twister yarn? I still have my balled up hank of my Jewels Twister I need to knit up into a mini-clapotis, but after my Lotus Blossom tank

My so called scarf:

close-up of so-called scarf:

Pattern: My so-called scarf

Yarn: Manos Del Uruguay colorway #113 Wildflowers as in the original

size 11 needles

Had enough yarn for one more purl side row but wasn't sure how to bind off that side, so stopped short and bound off on the knit side. I just finished this at lunch so I still need to wash and block so the ends stop curling.

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