Friday, July 14, 2006

Gift Branching Out is done.

At least the knitting portion is. It definitely needs some blocking as the beginning is wider than the end which got narrower and stretched out from the weight of the scarf. I finished this well ahead of time but the second half did go much faster since I sorta had the pattern memorized by this point. In any case, before I forget, the specs are:

Pattern: knitty Branching Out
Yarn: Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK in color 1837, 125 yd/50 g
needle size: US #8
# of lace repeats: 35
pre-blocking measurements: 5.5" x 59"

So I found out the other day that younger sis on the spur of the moment decided to fly up to visit us for a week. She and mom overlap their visits so I'm going to be a wee bit busy. But since she's coming up I went ahead and started her OSW so I can fit it on her before doing the finish ribbing. I'm trying to be daring my adjusting the pattern to work w/the chosen yarn, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Blue Paradise, a lovely bright royal blue that is obviously not captured in the pic. The Cotton Fleece is DK weight and the pattern is written up for heavy worsted, so I'm hoping my math conversion skills work. Since it's knitted from the top down, it would be so helpful to try this on the sis before I finish it off.

And here's evidence that I have been working on my Kyoto here and there. It's been dropped for now 'til I get the OSW done up for sis' visit, but I may work alternate the OSW w/this since they're not too hard to work on while watching my monkeys.

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Kel said...

Beautiful scarf! I appreciate lace work so much more now that I have struggled with lace patterns. I like your Kyoto color, if I haven't told you that. I have sleeves done, but I am super bored with it! Nice work!