Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Swatching fun

Unfelted petite FMB's:
Cascade 220
Left: Dark Periwinkle & Periwinkle, US #10 dpns, gauge= 4.25 st/in, 6 row/in roughly
Right: Periwinkle and Light (or Soft?) Pink, US #8 dpns, gauge = 5 st/in, 6.5 rows/in roughly

Regular size FMB unfelted gauge in the pattern yarn was 4.5 st/in. Not sure if I should laugh or curse, but since I'm apparently knitting tight w/the dpn's, I'm in between the pattern gauge on both "swatches." Hmmm, wondering if I should go w/the 10's or buy a set of #9 dpn's w/my Michael's or Joann's coupons. I still need to felt these little puppies to decide if I'll like the one on 10's. I think the one on 8's is too tightly knitted to felt well. I'm debating if I should go the Boiling Cauldron of Death route or wait 'til we go to mil's cabin to use her washer. Hmmmm.

I also need to knit 2 more of these little bags 'cause Monkey1 wants them, but doesn't want them "fuzzy." Hee, she doesn't remember the word felt, but she understands fuzzy well enough and is quite adamant that she isn't going to like it. Doesn't bode well for the Booga Bag I made for her that I still have to felt. Ah, the joys of a parent w/a child who knows exactly what she wants. :P

In the meantime, I got gauge on my EL silky tweed w/the #6 needles, so I don't need to fiddle around w/any more swatches or needle sizes for the not-so-shrunken cardie (NSSC). Yay!

And in the oh-so-really-quick department, I got my Butterfly Super 10 order from Showers of Flowers already! So now I'm torn between re-casting on for my Kyoto or starting the NSSC. Although w/the heat wave I was contemplating swatching my Classic Elite Premiere for either Picovoli or the Magknits Ballet Camisole.

And then, after playing e-mail ping-pong w/Lorien Alpacas and complete my Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece order, I find out Knitpicks is having a big sale which includes their Main Line yarn for $1.97! I've been lemming the Red Velvet Cake color (the online swatch doesn't really capture the gorgeous redness of it) for a long time 'cept I don't have a project in mind for it. Gah! A friend at work wants to split an order 'cause she doesn't have enough to get free shipping, so I'll be talking to her.

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