Thursday, July 20, 2006

Needing to get a move on

I realize last night if I want to finish sis' OSW before she leaves that I need to finish the knitting today or tomorrow and wash, block & dry by Sat so sis can pack it when she leaves by Sunday. I'm knitting the sleeves in the round so I won't eat up time sewing the sleeves together. Otherwise, I'm probably one of the few knitters that like seaming (which would've made Kyoto & me a match made in heaven, but more on that later). I'm dreading the picking up stitches for the front and neck ribbingmore as I need to work on that skill a bit more. The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques can only help me so far. :P

The family visits this time around seem to fly by super fast. Not enough time to do much 'cept the important family visits and the all important shopping at stores inexplicably not in Hawaii yet (Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works). All I can say is when those franchises or chains finally get there, they'd make a killing.

Unfortunately, while waiting w/the monkey1 during her dentist appt yesterday, it was easier to knit up my Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed swatch instead of working on the OSW. This is nice to knit with and the swatch as a yummy velvety feel to it. I'm looking forward to knitting up my not-so-shrunken cardie soon.

As for my Kyoto, I've decided to buy a whole new set of Butterfly Super 10 in sage green from an online store so I don't have to deal with the blending different dye lot issue. I talked it out w/ a friend at work who's an engineer and knitter like me. She made a point that as an engineer and the fact that I was anal/picky about my striping sequence on my Noro silk garden clapotis, I'm not going to be happy blending a different dye lot into my Kyoto. So the Kyoto back will get frogged and set aside for Kate Gilbert's Pea Pod jacket in the 12 mo size for someone's baby at some point.

All this whinging about my Kyoto yarn issues has also given me a bit of startitis. Once I'm done w/sis' OSW, I'm actually not sure what I want to knit up aside from the not-so-shrunken cardie. I'm sorta of 2 minds about it. I can either do a series of small project like more petal bibs, baby booties, something for the monkeys and such or start another big project, but something in a wool so I don't get wrist fatigue. The EL silky tweed w/its silk & cotton blend isn't harsh to knit with but I'm not sure what it'll do long term. I can do a French Market bag in my Cascade 220 stash (someone on the knitty board is starting a new KAL since the old one is closed), a scarf size clapotis in my CTH Twister Jewels hank, or a smaller Ella shawl from my Brooks Farm Four Play. But I also am wondering if I should do the magknits Ballet cami in my stash of Classic Elite Yarns Premiere as someone else started a KAL for that.

Holy crap. If I haven't already realized it, it's certainly hit home I've got too many projects to do. And I haven't even opened the door to knitting socks yet.

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Kel said...

Knitting by the clock! I love it! And good call with buying more yarn: every other solution was too much work. And you like seaming? I think that Kyoto pattern is based off a sewing pattern for a Kimono. Lastly: I hear you about shops that would make a killing in Hawai'i (VS, B&BW,Body Shop, Trader Joes, Ikea...)