Monday, April 17, 2006

Yet more boring progress stuff

DB Molly bolero again. Woohoo! The endless stockinette stitches are in sight! Once I'm done w/the body, I think the instructions have me do the front edging & collar, the back edging, the cuffs, then seaming the the sleeves & sides. Finished product should look like this:

Lookie! It's M's hat. Still need ear flaps and maybe ties if I have enough yarn left over. Thinking of a matching scarf too which should be easy as I don't have to worry about fit on a scarf. Too stressful making things for others w/o having a clue whether they'll fit or not. That said, my Otis ballet wrap sweater fit my friend beautifully. A big fat whew there.

Posting this pic simply because I'm in love w/this Manos colorway. The My-So-Called-Scarf pattern is so fun too. The only thing is I'm been knitting in cotton blends mostly that it took me a bit getting used to knitting the Ozark wool/mohair blend and this 100% wool yarn.

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