Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Otis is officially done!

Specs again:

Pattern: Otis by Rebecca Hatcher in

Yarn: Knitpicks Main Line Dusty Lavender, 10 skeins

Needle size: US 8 to meet gauge

Miscellaneous project notes-

- Have 1 skein left-over that I need to figure out what to do with.

- Originally started w/size 8 clover bamboo needles (swatch knitted fine w/these), but as I knitted along I noticed my purl rows were getting significantly looser to the point that my row gauge grew. I had to forceably tighten up the yarn on the purls and try to stay loose on the knits. Such a pain, so I switched to my Boyes aluminum and managed to get both purl and knit rows to be consistent sizes and stay within range. So apparently I'm finding that I knit the Knitpick cotton yarns much better if I use my Boyes aluminum needles (2 straights from my learn to knit kit & the interchangeable set). Huh.

- Now that I'm done w/this gift version, I want to make one for myself. But I need to wait 'til the Rowan Silk Tweed originally called for goes on sale. Either that or wait for Rowan to release colors I like as I don't like the spring/summer colors available at my local yarn store. Then again, I really like the prices of KP yarns.

Did I spec this already? If not:

Pattern: Kate Gilbert's Anouk in (notice a trend?)

Yarn: the "new" Mission Falls 1824 cotton

Needle size: US 7's met gauge

Misc project notes:

- The Mission Falls 1824 cotton is too heavy for this size & pattern. (And did I mention stiff?) Am debating on whether or not to knit another one (little M's keeps growing though) in a lighter yarn. Not sure if KP (knitpicks) Shine worsted will still be too heavy or if a merino wool would be too hot (we are in CA after all).

- My pockets are wonky so at some point I need to re-seam at least the left side so it looks more level.

Other things:

Am wanting to knit either or both knitty Soleil or Grumperina's Picovoli (magknits) in either KP Shine sport, Cascade Pima Tencel (too thick?) or Classic Elite Yarns Premiere (even on sale at Webs still a higher price point). Then there's the shapely tank pattern which is probably better w/the Cascade Pima Tencel. Of course, then there's all the decision-making on colors as 1 or all will strictly be for meeeeeeee!

Had the worst time trying to get gauge for the Soleil & Picovoli w/my leftover KP Shine sport. Then I realized the cable length I was using on my Boyes interchangeable was too short and the amount of leftover yarn was too small. Re-knitted a swatch on size 6 Boyes w/the longer cables and a better amount of yarn and finally got gauge. The only thing is since KP Shine sport has quite a bit of ease, I really like KP Shine sport better when knitted on size 5 needles. Bugger. I got halfway thru a swatch of KP Shine worsted on size 7's to see what that would lead too and got too firm of a fabric and didn't quite get gauge. Bugger on that too. Looks like I'll be experimenting w/the pricier Cascade and Classic Elite instead.

The Knit & Crochet Show is next weekend so I'm looking forward to playing w/yarn and deciding on colors.

Oh yeah, next up, practicing my size 17's dpl's on some Rowan Big Wool and Big Wool Tuft for a hat or 2?

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