Friday, April 28, 2006


Just random blabbing w/pics.

The start of Knitty Haiku in Knitpicks Shine Worsted Bachelor Button - in which I kept screwing up my 2" and 3" sections so I've frogged and re-knit the box stitch section at least 1x. This is the project where I had to switch cables due to the broken one. Still need to mail the defective one back.
Also swatched the Cherry Tree Hill Twister to see how it'll do in my washing machine. I initially started the pinwheel blankie pattern at first but I suck at starting w/5 stitches on dpn's. Will need to get my friend's help at our lunchtime knitting session on Monday. Oh, and 560 yds of yarn make for one huge "ball."

M's Ozark Handspun scarf. All dry, just need to weave in the ends.
Re-started My-So-Called-Scarf. Haven't gotten to where I royally screwed up and frogged back but I'm almost there. It's a point of pride now.
And ending on an Aloha Friday kind of note. A pic of my first eyelash lei draped over my Hawaiian quilted bag full of more eyelash yarn for more leis. See, I can crochet and eyelash yarn is good for something. A yarn snob I am not. ;)

Maybe in another post, I'll put up pics of my other crocheted stuff. In Lion Brand yarns, no less.

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