Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yarn for Kyoto, finally!

I initially started out at a new lys (well, sorta kinda local for me, but local for someone :) ) called That Yarn Place in Dublin. Loads of Cascade 220, 220 Superwash, and Sierra, but no Pima Tencel. :( However, they do have Frog Tree, so I know where to go when I need their yarn. Went to Joann's across the street after and successfully found size 10 dpns (pinwheel blankie whoo!), then I headed over to another lys over in Pleasanton. It's a nice little shop that I've been to once before a few months back and got a copy of Rowan Pipsqueaks (oh yeah, need to knit a couple projects from there still). So instead of finding any Cascade Pima Tencel, I find the yarn actually called for in the Kyoto pattern, Takhi Cotton Classic and its exact doppleganger Butterfly Super 10. Butterfly is a much better deal as it has 230 m instead of 100 m (sorry not in the mood to convert to yds) per hank. The only issue was color, but between the 2 brands, I managed to find a pink and green combo that worked. The yarn store owner said Tahki had a whole load of different pinks but not the one called for in the pattern as she was phasing out the Tahki for Butterfly. She didn't have the Tahki green either, but the Tahki pink #3449 and the Butterfly green #3715 she did have were a pretty combo for me. Also snagged a hank of Tahki white for the contrasting trim as I didn't need the 230 m of Buterfly white. Now all I need to do is swatch away for Kyoto as I don't need to swatch for the pinwheel blanket. Oh wait, I do as I need to see how the CTH Twister yarn will do in my washing machine. So excited again!

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M said...

SO SO CUTE! Gah I love that combo. *swoon* I can't wait to see it.

When I'm up north (and my whole time is scheduled, damn) I want to go to the local yarn store there to check out stuff. Still haven't found a place I'm comfortable with knitting lessons around here (the lys by home just seems odd, in an industrial center, but I need to do a driveby).