Monday, April 10, 2006

Otis is almost done!

Pattern: Rebecca Hatcher's Otis available on
Yarn: Knitpicks (KP) Main Line Dusty Lavender
Needle size: size 8 circulars (Boyes interchangeable set)

Almost done! Still need to seam up the sides (notice the glint of the pin on the bottom right in the pic?) and attach the organdy ribbons, then I'm fini! So I'm only 1.5 months late on this b-day gift.

Other totally unrelated random thoughts:

- Still need to develop the film but have lots of random stash & progress shots on disposable camera to kill the roll

- Want to knit either knitty Soleil or Grumperina's Picovoli/Tivoli, but darned if I can't get gauge on my leftover KP shine. Apparently my knitting's tightening up. When I knit the Daisy cardigan and Magknits tank-of-many colors, I got 20 sts/4" = 5 sts/in on size 7 circulars. So I first knitted a gauge sample on size 5's. Got 6.5 sts/1". So I moved up to size 6's and got 6 sts/1". Gah. Since DD1's Debbie Bliss Molly bolero is attached to my size 7 circulars, I need to wait to finish that or detach the size 7's and put them on other cables to do another test swatch to see if I can get the 5.5 sts/1" both patterns call for. On the other hand, Webs ( has both Cascade pima tencel and Classic Elite Premiere (also a pima tencel) on sale. The Cascade's a better deal, but knits to a larger gauge (more worsted than DK). The Premiere looks close to gauge (21 sts/4") so it's possible to get gauge, but it's 1 yd less/50 g and $0.50 more/skein. The only other difference is the Premiere has brown (Coconut) that I think I want. Decisions, decisions...

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