Monday, May 01, 2006

Appropos of nothing

Had this in my flickr account and some 21 yr old kid made me his contact. Bwahahahahaha! Dude, I am old enough to be your mother! Okay, a teen mother when you were born, but still. Bwahahahahaha. Clearly, my elouai doll is too idealized a version of me and I need to work on it some more.

So, back to knitting. It turns out my Kyoto swatch knitted on the size 5 needles the pattern calls for is uber tight. I started knitting a swatch one size up, got a little looser, but still not gauge, went up again, got gauge and hated the swatch and frogged it. So, I can do one of the following things: Keep the gauge I got w/the size 5 needles and do a bunch of math and adjust the pattern. No biggie but potentially just a PITA. Or I can go w/the needle size 7 that gave me gauge, wash it and see if I change my mind about hating it and knit on from there. Or do what the Yarn Harlot calls having a high gauge risk factor and knit w/the size 5 needles per the pattern (no adjustments) and pray that the cotton will have enough ease when knitted to full size that it'll fit. Am I that brave or stoopid? Probably. Then again, I've probably done worse.

I was brave enough to re-start the pinwheel blanket and this time successfully managed to get 5 sts joined w/dpn's and knitted the beginning row w/o twisting them into a DNA model or mobeius looking thing. Pic coming soon.

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