Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cute, no?

The start of my pinwheel blankie in Cherry Tree Hill Twister (Waters colorway). Too bad I need to rip back a bit. I didn't put in stitch markers 'til after I switched from dpn's to a circular and in the process moved my stitches over so the nice lacey holes shifted over. Then there's the newbie mistake of the inconsistent way of how I knitted into the yo's which show up all over the place. Argh! Hopefully my knitting buddy is working today so I can see if she can help me rip back to the first offending spot. Otherwise, I'll have to frog back to the darn 5 st beginning. Otherwise, I love knitting w/this yarn. I love reading all other knitters' experiences with knitting the pinwheel blanket too as they humorously warn that it's one of those black hole kind of projects.

And here's just a pretty pic of my Colinette Giotto in the Rose Garden colorway slated for a gift scarf. Not sure who it's going to, but it's for an up-coming birthday, so I need to get cracking. That'll mean my-so-called-scarf needs to wait on stitch holders 'cause I need those size 11 needles. Unless I buy extra. :)

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