Thursday, May 11, 2006

I am a knitting eeedeeooot

Just needing to vent. So I finish the pea pod hat, e-mail the pattern author a big thank you for answering my newbie questions about how to decrease the stitches at the crown, attach a pic and then find out that I neglected to understand that I should've centered the leaf lace between the decreases. Arrgghh! And here I thought I screeched in under the deadline w/a cute though slightly flawed hat. 'Cept I ended up not having enough time to wash and lightly block the lace pattern on the hat 'cause I somehow spend 2.5 hours tonight shopping for basic supplies at Costco.

Now I've got to scramble for a little gift for dd1's teacher. And I've got a totally wonky hat for dd2. I don't want to frog the thing 'cause I so didn't like working with the yarn. Crud.

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